The brand

Clothes are made for people and for people … Stanley / Stella is a team made up of people who work for the same goal. More than a brand, Stanley / Stella is a joint adventure that brings people together around the same project. They have been working on this exciting project since 2012 and now there are more than 50 people who every day are developing new ways of producing and working with textile fibers and fabrics to make them available to you.
It is an international company based in Belgium, a liaison office in Bangladesh and clients throughout Europe.

Stanley / Stella is ready and proud to take on the responsibility of meeting the challenge of changing long-established behavior in the textile industry.
We know that it will take time to change things, but we can and we will.Jean Chabert, founder of Stanley / Stella


Being contemporary is a state of mind, an attitude, a lifestyle or even a way of thinking. Increase human interconnections through networks and communities thanks to new technologies.
Travel, explore, inspire and use creativity in your daily life in order to differentiate yourself from others.


It turns to the essential concept, seeking the essence of the original and pure. It’s a nice evening by the fireplace with the people you love. It is also the reuse of old material and give them a new life, in a way that nobody had thought before. It’s like feeling the grass under your feet during a bright summer. It’s like being yourself on every occasion and you never forget where it comes from … nature.


Sustainability implies acting according to your principles.

On the way in your effort at work and the respect each living being that surrounds you deserves. About the preservation and management of your immediate environment in a way that means it can continue to flourish for generations to come.